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Selby – a poll, please!

I have a certain situation, in Selby, and your opinion would be much valued.

Luce, Gray, and Russell, inside the barricades. Doing deeds of daring nefariety, if that is a word, which Hollie is going to go mental about when he finds out, but there it is.

(“You did WHAT!! If you get your damn’ fool self killed Lucifer your bloody auntie will never sleep with me again!”)

Luce – nice young man, earnest, principled.
Gray – no principles at all but likes Luce and wouldn’t want to make him sad
Russell – stark mad most of the time and nothing to lose, but essentially a decent young man

So…. having been helped by a Royalist sentry, how would you feel, as a reader, if either Russell or Gray cut the sentry’s throat?


2 thoughts on “Selby – a poll, please!

  1. You should be able to kill your darlings when necessary. If a side character has to die then pull the trigger. Does leaving him alive make sense to all of the main characters? Would mad Russell see him as enough of a person to bother valuing him over their primary goal?


  2. I imagine leaving him alive would make a great deal of sense to Luce, and not the other two. Logically, of course, he has to go. I just can't help wondering how would I feel about a hero who was, essentially, a murderer?
    Meh, Sharpe does it all the time!


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